Mask Madness, Vol. VI: Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask EX

Monday, July 17, 2017
Good evening!

I've been hitting this Sulwhasoo mask pretty regularly lately, enough so that I've managed to finish the tube in less than two months. The Sulwhasoo Clarifying Mask EX is a peel off mask from this Korean high end skincare brand. While I've used a few deluxe sized items from Sulwhasoo, I think this is the first product that I used long enough to write a full review.

I've been using the Clarifying Mask EX when I have sebaceous filaments hanging right at the surface of my skin that look really visible, or a lot of dry flakes. The former is a pretty regular occurrence (especially since I haven't used my [I'm from] Vitamin Tree Mask in a long time), the latter doesn't happen very often, mostly due to skipping skin pampering when my schedule gets hectic.

The mask is a brown sticky gel, that smells like bitter herbs. It's rather grainy looking. 

 It looks pretty gross drying on the face. Brown, splotchy, kinda dirty.

Even though this mask has alcohol, being peel off it didn't dry out my skin as much as say, a toner or serum with alcohol present. I found that if I flooded my face with thin moisturizing layers after using this the Clarifying Mask EX, I really didn't have to worry about furthering dehydration.

I'm fairly pleased at my ability to peel off masks in one piece. I get my kicks in the weirdest ways. 

It doesn't hurt very much to remove this mask, not nearly as intense as using a pore strip, but Clarifying Mask EX does tug a little on your vellus hairs. It lifts away a lot of dead skin, revealing noticeably softer skin that is just ready to drink in essence and toners. If I use this mask, I'm definitely skipping my other methods of exfoliation for a few days (primarily enzyme wash). 

I'd wager that the 150ml size would give you about a dozen applications if you were generous with the gel, maybe twenty if you were to stretch it. It's not a bad mask for the purpose of removing unwanted skin flakes. I wouldn't use this as a stand alone product - definitely follow up with many hydrating layers after you've peeled off this mask.

Price wise, it is $41 at Neiman Marcus for the 150ml tube. Currently on sale at YesStyle for $36 (next few hours) and $29 at SweetCorea, my dealer of choice.

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