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Sunday, December 20, 2009

I bought a new bottle of MAC Fix+ and realized that I had started to take this product for granted- not once have I commented on it's versatility. It's a refresher, makeup setter and skin prep-per all in one spray bottle. As I peruse the internet and the many makeup forums that dwell there, it becomes clear that there are two teams with different party platforms when it comes to Fix+. There are those who buy it 5 bottles at a time and refuse to think about a cruel makeup world where it doesn't exist and there are those who believe that a homemade glycerin dupe is just as good. I think I'll pave the way for a third party.
It's true that the main ingredients are water and glycerin (I believe that many homemade recipes ask for about a 5 to 1 ratio, respectively) but there are many other ingredients as well. Those would be cucumber extract, matricaria extract, camellia leaf extract, Castor oil, caffeine, perfume and preservatives. I bet your immediate thought is, yuck, preservatives. However, it's not such a bad thing, if you were to make your own dupe, you'd have to make a new batch every week or so because there's nothing in it to keep it from going rancid. I personally don't like the smell of Fix+, and I can't justify $18 dollars for face perfume. Instead, I use the other aspects to rationalize the purchase. The caffeine energizes and is supposed to tighten your skin cells. The extracts leave your face feeling really clean, I love misting a bit on when I'm stressed, it immediately gives a flushed face a cold, calm sensation. 
The primary use however, is to set makeup. This is particularly important if you wear mineral foundation like I do. I feel like though the coverage I get from powder is great, it doesn't last all day because there's no smoothers or binders like silicone. A setting spray like Fix+ adheres (I'm not sure that 'adhere' is the best word to use when talking about skin... but it'll do) makeup to your face and give it a dewy appearance (youthful dewy, not greasy). 
The bottom line is that in a pinch, if I'm every out of Fix+ I'll make a quick glycerin dupe. However, I will continue to buy it and use it sparingly.
Cost: $18 at your local MAC or

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