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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Today, I am a happy person. I am also very pleased with Sephora- I'd go as far as to say that if I could legally marry a store, I would leave my fiance in an instant. Do you know why in particular, I am so thrilled with Sephora? A couple of days ago, I found that NARS duo concealer IN MY SHADE was $10 online. Yes, that's right ladies, ten dollars. Normally it's $30, and each shade of concealer separately is $22. I've been waiting and waiting forever for it to get here (ok, not really- packages from Sephora always get here in 3 days or less, but I am an impatient person). Turns out the UPS man left it this morning on my side door, not my front door.  Anyways, I opened it up and played with it right away.  It's absolutely fantastic. The moment it touched my skin, I was beyond amazed. I love the feel of it- it's so much lighter and smoother than MAC's. It feels like... primer. That same silkiness makes me giddy. By comparison, other concealers seem too pink for my skin and also very heavy and tacky in texture. Not NARS! The coverage is pretty amazing- it's sheer yet covering. I like the lighter shader for under my eyes, and in the winter but Ginger is fantastic for some areas near my temples that are slightly darker- every face has its dark and light areas, skin without a range seems unnatural! It's fantastic for light olive Asian skin tones. A few things I noticed- you HAVE to wear primer with this stuff or else it disappears within a few hours. Also, this is one of the few concealers I'd recommend applying with CLEAN fingers- Gasp, I said the 'F' word!- but really, you need the warmth of your skin to make the formula blend correctly. I am thinking of running to a Sephora store tomorrow to see if they have any more left, I want to stock up! This is my new obsession, it's the Holy Grail of blemish coverage.

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