My Makeup Philosophy

Thursday, January 14, 2010
Ok, I took a long hard look at my makeup philosophies and came up with my makeup 'values'. This really helps me cut down on spending. It forces me to really evaluate how much I want a new product- will I really use it? Or am I attracted to the packaging, its too good to be true marketing?  I won't lie, I do get excited every time MAC launches a new campaign (ok, excited is an understatement. I jumped up and down and screamed 'Lillyland! last time) and nothing pleases me more than beautifully photographed models.
However, after much internal debate, I decided that I wasn't really a trendy makeup follower. I don't drastically alter the colors or the techniques I use each season. In fact, I could even clearly recall each season's makeup looks. In the spring, my confidence is renewed and I like bold, bright colors in my lids, as well as bright pinks and fuchsias on my lips. Summer leads me to gold and bronzes with hints of baked shimmer all over. I try to stay classy in the fall, classic pin up girl looks with daring eyelashes and barely rosy cheeks. Winter, my hardest challenge- I play with a lot of brighteners to make sure my complexion is toasty, not pale and sallow. 
So, this really helps me pick out new products- for instance, I'm actually going to pass on the limited time Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows by Urban Decay. Why? Because lovely as it may look, I'm going to persevere and not buy into the hype (also from what I understand, most of the colors in the palette are previous shades, just renamed. Great marketing gimmick.).

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