A Couple Of New Pure Ice

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ah Pure Ice. I'll brave even Walmart to get you. They've been coming out with new shades and today I found a few interesting colors. Sugar Cookie as well as one called Twist and Shout. Sugar Cookie was with other similarly named holiday colors so I think it was a part of some LE collection. Twist and Shout was also with other new glitters. Can't seem to get any info on this, even though my pal G. from Nouveau Cheap has lots of press releases and info about the new Pure Ice stuff. I shake my fist at Walmart though, because I still haven't been able to get a hold of the Velours (seude) finishes. And I love suede polishes like I love Spam.

Twist and Shout over my pointer and pinky (2 coats on top of Essie Lollipop) while Sugar Cookie is on my middle and ring fingers (over Chanel Black Satin, one coat). Twist and Shout is two sizes of red hexes as well as an occasional blue hex in a clear base while Sugar Cookie is a mixture of iridescent small glitters with red hexes in a clear base. I'm thinking that Twist and Shout would look so great on the 4th of July this summer, no?

If you're thinking that Sugar Cookie looks familiar, a lot of my IG buddies said the same thing. People have mentioned that it is very similar to Julep O Canada! and I have to agree. It does look awfully similar though I don't have O Canada! to compare.

Have you spotted any new Pure Ice polishes?

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