A Trick to Extend the Life of Creams/Gels

Thursday, March 7, 2013
You know what is the worst? The dreaded day when you open the little glass pot of your MAC Fluidline or other cream/gel product housed in a little container, to find that it has dried out and no longer usable. That's probably the main reason I stopped buy that sort of product because I was always frustrated that I would never get to finish even half of it! I've post about reviving gel liners before, but today I want to talk about a preventative measure.

Next time you're at Target, Walmart etc, stop in the hardware section. Head over to plumbing supplies and pick up some thread seal tape. It's very cheap (this two pack was under $1) and will do wonders for extending the life of your product!

You'll need to cut off about 6-8 inches, depending on the size of your jar. You want to be able to wind the tape around the thread of the container at least three times, possibly more if you feel like you want an even more snug seal. Don't wind it too tight, you'll see that if you do the motion of screwing on the lid will 'cut' the tape. This tape creates a more airtight seal for you product when you screw the lid on, which helps extend its life.

There you have it! A pot that is now protecting from well, air. I came across this tip quite a few years back on MUA, I can't remember who suggested it, but I'd love to give them credit! It has really helped me prolong quite a few products that come in jars. Hope you find this tip useful!

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