Zoya Pixie Dust Collection: Review and Pictures (Plus a Preview of Summer Colors!)

Saturday, March 2, 2013
Hi folks!

It's taken me a bit to finish swatching the Zoya Pixie Dust Collection because the finish is so fantastic, I wanted to be sure to capture it to the best of my ability. As a result, I have about 400 pictures on my hard drive from just this collection! I am absolutely in love with this Pixie Dust texture and the absolute sparkle that this finish has.

London. Two coats. A smoldering grey Pixie Dust with silver micro glitter.

Nyx. Three coats. Soft periwinkle with silver micro glitter.

Chyna. Three coats. The boldest, most intense glittery ruby red.

Dahlia. Two coats. My favorite! Black with silver gleaming micro glitter. Wearing this one makes me feel like a rock star.

Godiva. Three coats. A light sandy nude with micro glitter. It's so delicate and pristine, just like a warm beach.

Vespa. Three coats. Muted sage green, silver micro glitter. So wonderfully clean looking!

As per the Zoya directions, I did not wear any basecoat or topcoat and let each layer set before doing another coat. For each polish, I photographed it three ways; once indoors under my light set up, once outdoors in the direct sunlight and the last photo is indoors but made glossy.

Another reason it took me a while to finish these swatches was because as they dry, these Zoya Pixie Dusts become more textured. They don't take much longer than a regular polish to dry, but I wanted to make sure they were absolutely dry to show off the texture the best.

The formula is easy to apply, just spread it slowly. Removal was a breeze, actually much easier than most glitter polish! In the pictures above, I used Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food and fast dry top coat to glossy up the Pixie Dusts.

I absolutely love Zoya Pixie dusts. I truly do. I can't express how cool they are to run my finger over once dry! I love that the finish is completely sandy and slightly gritty instead of just looking like glitter polishes without topcoat. I've used the term "gem encrusted" before to describe polish, but now more than ever this phrase is fitting! It looks like diamond particles on your nails, so amazingly sparkly and eye catching. You simply MUST try this on for yourself to see it!

Like I promised, here's the newest release from Zoya!

Wow! I can't wait to get my hands on Destiny, Liberty, Solange... all of them really!

Zoya polishes are Big 5 Free! The Pixie Dust polishes are $9 each from the Zoya website.

Have you tried the new Zoya Pixie Dust polishes?

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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