Pantone Parachute Purple is now $3!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just a heads up about this steal- I was at JCPenny's Sephora the other day looking for those $7 Illamasquas (by the way, as far as I know this deal is only in JCP Sephora locations and does not include all colors) when I saw the Pantone Jewel Lacquers from last year in the sale section.

Briefly, let me describe to you my joy at finding it there: AHHHH!!!! Yes, that about sums it up. You see, I had wanted this quite a bit when it first came out last year but I think they were $10. Somehow, I convinced myself that I could wait for it to go on sale as most of Sephora's Pantone collaborations tend to do. These were marked down to $5 in store but actually rung up even more reduced in price, $3!

Pictured here is two coats of Parachute Purple. Violet with very fine teal green shimmer. I'm glad I waited because the shimmer is not quite as visible on the nail as it is in the bottle. This polish also looks more purple and less violet the closer it is to a light source, like in the pictures above where the fingers closer to my lights have more sheer, redder edges. Still I think it's a lovely polish. Also it sort of squashed my lemmings for Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie. I know it pales in comparison to Scrangie but I've come to the realization that I'll never get my grubby mitts on the VHTF Scrangie.

 A friend also asked how it compared to Color Club Port-Folio. They're so different that I thought that side by side nail pics were not warranted, but here's a shot of Port-Folio by itself, three coats. It is a true duochrome, flashing between green and purple. It almost looks like I caught a glint of in-between blue in this picture!

Anyways, if you were interested in any of the Pantone Jewel Lacquers, now is the time to go look for them!

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