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Friday, May 17, 2013

I was going to have two posts yesterday... and then I fell asleep. Story of my life. Here's the promised post! I recently received some more products to review from Mont Bleu, a company that specializes in glass ware such as fabulously decorated nail files.

The two files included are just wonderful. One is a standard sized nail file from the CRYSTAL line, which all feature beautiful Swarovski elements on the handles. The small size makes it easy to store in its velvet case in a desk at work or at home for when ever you need a bit of filing. The other one, with the little etched foot is foot file (you may have deduced that) which is almost the exact size and dimensions of the NailTek XL crystal file, one of my favorites. It is fantastic for shaping nails during a pedicure, the size makes it easy to handle while reaching for your toes.

This hair tweezer was beautiful, but only so-so for plucking hair. The gripping circle is a nice touch, and the red crystal elements are beautiful but the tips are more thicker and a tad more blunt than I'm used to using. It also comes with a clear protective packaging with velvet backing.

I absolutely love the foot file. I could rave about it all day long. I previously used pumice stones but  glass files such as this one are much superior. This file has a smooth red area that serves as a handle. I also like that this file has both a smooth and a coarse side. The coarse side gently sloughs away dead skin at a nice rate but without taking too much off while the smooth side sort of polishes and smooths out areas like your soles. I find that sometimes pumice stones can wear away a bit too much or cut/grind up the skin's surface. Pumice stones being porous and all, also cannot be sterilized; another thing I love about glass files. They can be sterilized in salon autoclaves and UV boxes (at home I use a disinfectant and then rinse with boiling water to sanitize the files).

And here are a few extras included in the package. An well very well crafted Shamballa bracelet that fits both men and women with the adjustable sizing strings.

These however crystal studs however, were my favorite. I love the unusual triangular shape and red is my favorite color, look how they glow! I did notice that the backing was a tad too big for the posts, I would recommend replacing them with your own as they do not "click" to ensure that they stay on and can become easily lost.

Mont Bleu products are of excellent quality, I still have the crystal files that I was sent from last year and they are in tip top shape. I still keep the hard cased file in my purse and use it all the time. In fact, they have a lifetime warranty on their Czech tempered glass. I also like the impressive number of products they offer, so many different crystal files! There are also all sorts of prices, starting at just €4 in the classic line (about $5.20).

What are your favorite crystal files?

Products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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