Some Make Up For Ever Swatches

Friday, May 10, 2013
I was recently reorganizing my Stila and Make Up For Ever shadows in my palettes when it dawned on me that I never swatched the majority of my MUFE shadows. I've reviewed a couple here and there, but felt like I should probably do them all properly.

Some of the pans pictured are Stila, pay no mind to them. I just didn't want to pry all the MUFE for the sake of photographing them separately. You know how dangerous shadow pan removal is, it never goes perfectly without a nick or a ding somewhere.

The neutral shades:

 From left to right: #125, #162, #164, #169, #33, #170.

#125 is a satin light peachy beige. #162 is a warm matte tan. #165 is a matte brown, the only one whose pigmentation is only so-so. #169 is a dark shimmery graphite, slightly blue. #33 is a matte blue grey. #170 is an ultra frosty icy light blue.

The bright shades:
From left to right: #171, #83, #92, #58, #133

#171 is a satin bright lime. #83 is a shimmery blue teal. #92 is a bold matte purple. #58 is a matte dark magenta. #133 is technically a blush, a super frosty light pink.

Both #92 and #58 stain quite a bit, but #92 is the worse offender.

The pigmentation for all the MUFE shadows I have encountered thus far has been really great, with the exception of #165 which is just ok. I really love my MUFE shadows but they are quite expensive at $21 each so I don't really purchase them any more, I find myself preferring Inglot or La Femme. If I used them more, I could probably justify the purchase but unfortunately I rarely reach for most of the shades.

Have any favorite Make Up For Ever shades?

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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