Mundane Mondays, Vol. VIII: Meet Widget!

Monday, May 13, 2013

So we brought home a kitty over the weekend. His name is Widget! He belonged to Morgan's sister but she had been looking for a new home for him. 

He is so ridiculously loving and friendly. We brought him home and I figured he'd need a few days, perhaps a week to adjust to his new environment and warm up to these people who seemingly abducted him from his home. Nope. After ten minutes of exploring, he jumped on the bed with Morgan who was taking a nap after the long drive. He then proceeded to crawl under the covers and cuddle on Morgan's chest. 

He has some interesting quirks too. He likes napping in the bathtub. He also likes drinking running water from the shower and bathroom sink. He keeps following us when we go to the bathroom so that he can hop on the counter and drink faucet water when we're washing our hands. I'm going to have to get him a little running fountain so that I can pee in peace!

As much as Morg's sister and her family (especially her toddler who adores Widget) will miss Widget, we're pretty glad to have this cuddly little fellow live with us. 

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