CosmoProf North America 2013 Recap, Part III

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Hi folks! Tonight I'm finishing up the official recap of CosmoProf North America 2013, though tomorrow I'll have a post dedicated to various blogger, indie and etailer meetups /drinks. 

 Check out the new stuff NYX is going to be releasing soon. The circular eye shadows in the black packaging have various finishes. The brown palettes in the back have baked shadows.

 The clear packaged shadows are MATTE! Also, they are supposed to be very intense in pigmentation.

 Due to the success of the Butter Lip Glosses, NYX will have Butter Lip Balms launching soon! Also be on the lookout for Butter Lipsticks (not pictured).

 NYX is also expanding their Powder Blush line, augmenting the range with fun new shades including colors that will really show up and look beautiful on darker skin tones.

 Check out these Royal & Langnickel brushes. Though they are synthetic, each "hair" is etched so that they grab and apply product the same way natural hairs do. Innovative, right?

 Color Club and Ruby Wing have A LOT going on this year. Check out the Cupcakes & Champagne Collection by Ruby Wing.

 Ruby Wing polishes are UV changing, just look at the difference! These are two stages of the same polish.

 Here's another change for you. Indoors (left) and UV exposed (right).

Color Club's Girl About Town Collection is fabulous, a mixture of different finishes including a flaked polish!

 Check out the shade, "The Uptown". Rainbow flakes in a purple jelly base.

 Harlem Nights is the winter collection. Also a fun mix of shades and finishes.

 Last but not least, this four polish set is full of jelly toppers with pretty opalescent flakes.

 I stopped by Royal Apothic to sniff their lovely products and snap pics of their insanely beautiful packaging.

 Impala, the Brazilian polish brand is available in the US now! I'll have swatches of some of the Impalas they generously sent me home soon.

 I haven't tried bhcosmetics yet, but looking at their new palettes made my eyes pop out. Such pretty vibrant shades! These new palettes will be available very soon.

 Swoon is a new, brilliant product. Designed to be both an applicator and a scoop that will get that remaining product out of your nearly empty lipgloss. After all, if you buy a Dior gloss - you want to get every last bit right?
Serenity + Scott is a new makeup line based out of Asheville, NC. They were all so friendly! For some reason my images of their makeup became corrupted on my camera, so I don't have them to show you. Their line is very makeup artist friendly as well as great for any makeup lover. You can spot some of their lipsticks and powder compacts in the background- they had beautiful sleek white packaging.

That's all for today! I hope you've enjoyed this first look at upcoming products and collections. What really got your attention?

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