Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
It's been really hot here this summer so when I had the chance to review Perlier's Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water carried by HSN (courtesy of iFabbo), I couldn't wait. A cooling treat for my body? Yes please.

It comes in a simple canister, which is best left in the fridge between uses. In a continuous motion, I sort of spray it across my skin though it comes out in a bubbly foam.

It's an odd but really cool feeling sensation, like a fizzy (but not sticky) soda poured on your skin. You can touch it and let it crackle faster between your fingers and your skin.

It dries within a minute, leaving no residue behind but your skin is cool and smooth to the touch. It doesn't replace lotion or body butter but I think it does help retain moisture a bit. The best thing about Perlier Refreshing Crackling Ice Body Water is how good it smells. Just like lemon sorbet! It smells so tasty and fresh, I wish I had a bathtub full of this, I would dive right in.

In short, it's a cool, sparkling, self indulgent way to forget about the heat. At least, for a few minutes.

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