ES The Bright Peacock Lashes from KKCenterHK

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

I recently was sent a pair of paper lashes from KKCenterHK from the brand ES. I picked the peacock set because I thought they looked very cute in the pictures.

-They're pretty comfortable considering how big they are and the odd paper texture.
-From certain close up angles, they do look pretty neat.
-Extra long band that can be trimmed easily.

-Not reusable. I tried to wear them twice but they ripped while I tried to clean them.
-Unless you're taking close up editorial shots that are extremely close up, you can't tell what they are. They just look like really big, weird lashes.
-Not as "crisp" as in the pictures. Peacock looks kinda melted.
-Rather pricey for one time use (though admittedly cheaper than the Paperself lashes) on sale for $9.99 right now.

I used:
Brows: NARS Bali, NYX Brow Shaper
Eyes: LORAC Behind the Scenes Primer, NYX Jumbo in Milk, MUFE #83,92,171, Sephora + Pantone Universe Shades of Nature Palette, MAC Museum Bronze Pigment, LORAC Beige

Basically while cool in concept, I think they're not quite suited for use actual use.

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