Glam Polish Heart of Darkness Collection

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hello! Today I'm so excited to show you the new Glam Polish Heart of Darkness Collection. If you love beautiful duochrome-y glass fleck and unique holos, this collection is right up your alley. These polishes are named after some morbid, sometimes sinister and sometimes downright badass ladies. Oh oh oh, did you notice the new beautiful bottles? I love the square shape and adore the screen printed logo.

Bellatrix. Two coats. A multicolored glassfleck that is predominately grungy green and contains contrasting purple. Very sparkly yet cool and refined. 

Wednesday. Three coats. Bright blue/purple duochrome flecks in a blackened base. I've seen a lot of blue/purple glass flecks in my day but this one takes the cake! The effect isn't subtle, it's bright and bold. 

Elvira. Three coats. A lush dark purple holo with intermittent blue sparks. It's hard to capture the blue sparks because they really catch your eye with the slightest movement. 

Lydia. Two coats. One of my favorites. It looks like a purple sparkle with a blackened base but upon closer inspection, the purple is extraordinary; with touches of fuchsia and indigo as well.

Tiffany. Three coats. A bold magenta scattered holographic shade with beautiful gold sparks. This is my absolute favorite. It just glows like you would not believe. 

Lisbeth. Two coats. A very unusual polish to match a very unusually cool woman. A grey creme base with scattered holo, as well as blue, purple and magenta sparkle. The sparkle is more prominent indoors in low lighting and is striking.

I consider this collection to be a home run from Glam Polish. If you're partial to purple, I think you'll agree that there are some lovely shades in the mix. I love that the holographic shades aren't flat but have that added sparkle, what a great way to step up holos. As far as formulas go, they are quite nice. Though I used three coats with some of the shades, it was mostly to ensure that my camera wouldn't make them look patchy. I'm fairly confident that most of these shades would look great with just two coats. 

The Glam Polish Heart of Darkness Collection, inspired by the strange and the beautiful is available now for preorder directly from Glam Polish. Officially available on April 30th, 2014. 

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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