Mundane Mondays, Vol. XVIII: Caribbean Honeymoon

Monday, April 21, 2014
 Hi guys! So I've been away for the past couple weeks in the Caribbean. It was absolutely beautiful, the water and beaches were pristine. Unfortunately my health didn't permit me to enjoy it as much as I wish I could have, oh well! We flew to the Bahamas first but unfortunately with the airlines losing our luggage in Miami, we didn't really utilize our time there. We then went to the Virgin Islands, followed by Puerto Rico and Turks & Caicos.

 St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.
 Honeymoon Beach, St John, Virgin Islands. We went snorkeling here for an afternoon. Sorry some of the pictures are weirdly blurry. I used an underwater camera to snap these, sometimes droplets of water would run down the domed lens.

Yeah, not the best underwater camera, I'll definitely invest in something a bit better next time!

 Bokeh shot from the marina in St Thomas at twilight.

 We then went to Puerto Rico which was by far one of my favorite stops. There my buddy Kat from Hooked on Polish took us on an awesome outing.
I like taking pictures of tourists taking pictures.

Coconut on the beach. I attempted a #mynailsandmydrink photo for an Instagram tag but my nails were a bit chipped since this was day six after leaving home. 

 We went parasailing in San Juan, PR almost sort of by accident. Kat asked me if we wanted to go, I agreed readily without really knowing what it was. Before we knew it, we were strapped into our harnesses and flying 300 feet above the boat with a stunning skyline view.
I think I could very happily live in PR if I could eat bacalaítos (codfish fritters) and coconut soda every day. Morgan was mighty chuffed to find extra large canned Diet Cokes.

 Our last stop was at Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos.

The color of the water here is just surreal. 

We were at one of the more popular beaches (right were cruise ships dump their passengers) but then went on a clear bottom kayak excursion. 
As it turns out, even though the water was perfectly clear, you can can't see much out of a clear bottom kayak. 
Also there are donkeys, horses and mules running around Grand Turk which is just fantastic because I think donkeys are adorable. Definitely another favorite spot on our trip. Since we ended up with airline credit (ugh, getting to the Bahamas was such a hassle- we ended up stranded at airports for two days), I'm trying to talk Morgan into going back to PR and Turks & Caicos. He's leaning towards Hawaii or Alaska though, so we'll see!

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