Mundane Mondays, Vol. XX: Updates & Pretty Gardens

Sunday, June 22, 2014
I know it's not Monday quite yet, but I have non-makeup/nail related things to discuss. Today's post contains some pretty pictures, some personal updates and a few housekeeping notes. A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was in the LA area. We spent one of the mornings at Huntington Library, which simply has one of the most beautiful grounds ever. If you ever get a chance to walk their gardens or have tea at the Rose Garden, I highly recommend it. 

 In particular, I love the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, especially the intricate Bonsai Gardens. They are so serene and peaceful (unless of course, you're going there with my dad like we did, as he is a very loud individual).

 Carp and turtle collision.

 I love bonsai trees. So small, yet so meticulously cared for and powerful, despite the diminutive size.

They also have a very lovely and extensive collection of tropical and desert cacti. It was scorching hot, so I didn't take many pictures of those. I did love all their succulents though, I've been working on my little succulent garden for a while now. 

So right, onto the blog stuff. 

If you subscribe by email and get your daily dose of MakeupWithdrawal via your inbox, I just wanted to let you know that the email account that sends those posts out is not monitored. So, sorry if you've ever hit "reply" to those emails, I don't actually see those responses. If you've ever wanted to reach me, the official blog email is the way to go! Shoot me an email - mimi(at) 

The frequency of posts has been abysmal lately, I know. I have sorta exciting news though! We started the first time home-buying process! It's really tired me out so I've had a lot of Fibro flareups (I'm not keen on the word "flareup", I need to find a better term) lately. We've looked at quite a few houses but haven't found the perfect one for our family yet. There was one that was almost absolutely perfect - 5 bedroom/3bath on over half an acre with a pool and a basketball court... but there was an active railroad behind it, loud enough to vibrate your socks off. I was pretty crushed. 

Anyways, I hope you all had an excellent weekend!

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