Sonia Kashuk Tools No.07 & No.08

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

 You know, I go to Target at least once a week so I think I must glance at Sonia Kashuk brushes dozens of times each year. How is it I don't have more SK products? I think maybe it's because Target rarely ever discounts them (I think I've seen a 5% sale on core products?) and you know me. I can't stand buying things at retail pricing. Sure, I may indulge in high end products quite often but I'll be damned if I don't wait for some sort of sale or GWP offer.

 I've tried quite a few SK brushes before (like the Luxe set I reviewed here) but haven't tried any of the core eye brushes. I really liked the looks of No. 08 and No. 07. I'm not crazy about the cases that these brushes come in, they seem bulky, needlessly sturdy and kinda wasteful; a plastic sleeve like the SK white handle tool like would have sufficed, no?  I ended up up-cycling the cases into on-the-go manicure kits (a clean up brush, a sponge, a polish wipe) for traveling.

 When I brought them home, I realized that they were actually different "editions", I think the brush line had a slight makeover. As you can see, one of the brushes has a handle that is more shimmery navy than black and has a more green colored ferrule.

The brushes themselves are similar in size, but one is a synthetic bristled dome pencil brush while the other is a classic filbert laydown brush. They are both good quality, especially for the price. No. 08 is densely packed and is good for depositing and blending the crease socket while No. 07 is great for patting eye shadow on the mobile lid. I'm not sure what sort of hair No. 07 is made of but it is a tiny bit scratchy feeling, to me at least. Admittedly, my eye skin is overly sensitive so I think to most folks, this would feel like a pretty soft brush.

I'm forever spoiled by Hakuhodo brushes, ok?

As you can see, the outer perimeter is a little scraggly, which may be why it feels a tiny bit rough on my lids.

At around $10, I think these are great for their price. Sonia Kashuk Tools No. 05 and No. 07 are available at Target.

Do you have any favorite Sonia Kashuk tools? Are they from the black or white handle line?

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