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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
 Good afternoon!

Last weekend we went to Lake Tahoe to escape the heat and consequently, I took a break from bright summer colors to wear darker, moodier shades. It was the perfect opportunity to use the makeup I had ordered from Glambot.

Glambot packaging

Glambot had recently contacted me and the idea behind the website was pretty ingenious. It's a site where you can buy preowned makeup - just like you would at a blog sale. Personally I have no qualms about buying barely swatched makeup, though I am not personally keen on buying swatched lipgloss or most cream products from blog sales. Hey, makeup that doesn't work for one person is my gain, right? I've been able to score some nifty deals that way (including pricey brushes and LE makeup).

Comparing Glambot to a cash-for-gold business would be crude... but fairly accurate. They'll send you a prepaid label, you send them your unloved makeup and they offer you a price. Should you choose to sell, they sanitize and sell your makeup. I was curious as to what process they used, so I asked my contact Zoe and she replied:
Glambot selectively purchases most of its makeup from trusted sources within the beauty community, including professional makeup artists and beauty bloggers. In addition, we use a combination of different sterilization techniques, including, but not limited to, the application of high heat, alcohols and natural emollients, as well as layered product removal.
Each item arrived bubble wrapped and sealed. It was all in great condition (and you know how smudgey NARS packaging gets). There was also a GWP, a deluxe sample of a cleanser. One of my items was broken in transit but Customer Service was phenomenal - they sent me a replacement immediately and it arrived the next day (they're located in San Francisco, not very far from me so your actual shipping time may vary).  

 The powder surfaces had been wiped off (though the makeup was virtually untouched, in fact the print of the pan was intact in both shadows). The lipstick I ordered had the tip cut off. Since I like to re-clean any blog sale purchases anyway, I wiped down both shadows with alcohol and cut more of the lipstick tip off.

I ordered NARS Lhasa and Mekong singles, as these were two shadows that had been sitting around on my wishlist for a while. I also ordered NARS Pure Matte Lipstick in Volga and a Hakuhodo 235 eye brush.

Left to right: NARS Volga, NARS Lhasa and Mekong. Swatched over bare skin.

These were perfect colors for me to pull out while craving cooler fall weather.

I used Lhasa as a sheer wash all over the lids and used Mekong to line my upper lashes lightly. I wanted the focus to be on the lips because Volga is just stunning. I'm crazy about NARS lipsticks.

Price-wise, I find Glambot to be in between blog sales and retail. I like that they carry a huge variety of mid end brands, a lot more variety than your typical blog sale. I'm definitely going to sell makeup from my collection to Glambot in the future; I have quite a few near new items that never get any love but setting up a sale myself can be a hassle.

Click here to enjoy an exclusive additional 10% off Glambot's pricing.

Have you scored any items that were LE or a great deal at near new pricing?

I was given a $50 dollar credit to purchase the items featured in this post. However, I did exceed that credit and chose to spend approximately $40 of my own money. All reviews are as always, written as though I had purchased the item myself. Post contains affiliate links. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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