COSRX Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Good morning!

I've recently implemented some new products into my routine (patiently patch testing and phasing them in is pure agony) and have found a few winners who have earned their place at my sink. Today I want to gush about my first product from COSRX, the Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask.

I had a hard time deciding what my first product from this brand was going to be since they had so many appealing items. There's some ceramide creams that looked nice, as well as several essences with ingredients that had me weak at the knees. There's also another mask that promises you skin as soft as mochi.  Having never tried anything with propolis, I decided to hop on the bee train with the Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask. 

I wasn't expecting something like this - a squishy light gel. Probably because of 'honey' in the name, but I had in mind something heavier and sticker. Instead, this is a lovely slick gel that absorbs instantly into your skin without any residual feeling. It's hydrating, as in it imparts water into my face, but it needs something on top of it to seal the deal, because that hydration can leave as easily as it arrived. I'm currently wearing MISSHA Super Aqua Ultra Waterfull Cream over this mask. 

At night, I slather a decent amount all over my face + neck (after cleansing, serum and toning), and top it off with a cream.  In particular, I apply extra to areas like my nostrils and the skin where my eyebrows are, as these two places have a tendency to get really flaky (or does this just mean my eyebrows are dandruff-y, I don't know).  Actually, since it's so non-sticky, I wear this Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask in the day time under makeup. Don't let the 'Overnight Mask' part of the name trip you up! I find that even when my face is producing a lot of oil, my skin and makeup will handle it a lot better when well hydrated.

So far, I've had no issues with this mask causing irritation or breakouts. Seems like propolis is a thumbs up for my skin. I do like that this mask has allantoin, sodium hyaluronate, and panthenol, some ingredients that give a soothing feel to the skin.

Overall I am very enthusiastic about this product. It was something I didn't know I needed, but now that I have worked it into my routine, I feel like I'm not whole without it! How did I manage without this kind of hydration in my life?

Price wise, I find this product (and the whole COSRX line, really) to be pretty reasonably priced. The majority of their products are under $20. The Ultimate Moisturizing Honey Overnight Mask can be had for $15ish at YesStyle.

Do you have a favorite multi purpose mask?

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