Review: Visee Glossy Rich Eyes PK 3

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Good afternoon!

Last post was about a product that was a let down, but luckily this post is about something I liked a lot! I bought this last year and finally cracked it open over the summer because reasons.  Visee is another Kose brand, and thus far I've liked almost every Kose thing I've tried (Speedy! And KATE!). The color I chose was PK 3, a quad featuring a glistening snow color, a light peach, a deep garnet and a sparkling brown.

Maybe the reason I kept it in its package all these months was because I feared I wouldn't know what to do with four sparkly shades. Who knows. I was missing out, because this quad is just lovely.  Isn't that imprint on the surface pretty?  The texture is so squishy and bouncy, it's like working with a cream. 

The packaging is see through folded plastic, the case of the quad is lacy like the print on the pans and has a clear window to see the colors inside.  Comes with a sponge tipped applicator (of course it does). 

Outdoors, no primer. Later afternoon lighting. Seriously buttery feeling shadows, I would suspect that there's a touch of silicone in the formula. I like how there is varying types of glitter. Chunkier gold glitter in the brown shade and a luminous, finer shimmer in the peach and garnet.

 Here I've used some matte shadows (Viseart Matte Palette 01, will review soon) and used that sparkly chocolate shade instead of eyeliner for some quick definition.

Here I'm using all four colors. White in the inner corner and sparingly under the brow, peach through the underbrow and red on the lid. Just a smidgen of brown close to the lashline, topped with dark black liner as my barrier color.

Maybe my favorite use is that beautiful shimmery peach all over with a darker sculpted crease. (Also using the Viseart mattes).

I checked Amazon, and you can get this quad in the US for about $18 + $2 shipping (be prepared for a long ship time). Pretty fair price, I purchased this in Asia for the equivalent of $15.

Definitely a quad that I've gotten quite a bit of use out of in the last few months, just because the formula of the shadows are a pleasure to use. I'm not sure why I was sitting on it for so long!

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