Fyrinnae Whipped Metallics: Vintage

Saturday, February 18, 2017
Late last year, Fyrinnae was having a little sale (15% off) and one of the things that I snagged was this Whipped Metallic lipstick in Vintage. I didn't have any metallic mattes; thus far I lived entirely on cremes. At the moment, some of the protruding little knobby attachments on my teeth for my Invisalign seem to be responsible for lip product ending up on the orthodontia, and so liquid lipstick (also stains) are my best bet right now. 
 I didn't find this lipstick to be very whipped or mousse like. It dried within a few minutes down to a pretty matte finish. I also don't seem to get anywhere close to as much copper gleam as in stock photos. It's possible to trace a really nice outline with just the doefooted applicator. I had to go back and fill it in three times to get full opacity.
 Wish I saw some more of that pretty copper. I could dust some Mehron Metallic Powder in Copper in the center of the lip if I wanted, to amp it up. Instead I think the color looks like the color of black ball point pen, the ink is the deepest of violet with that slight metallic gleam.
It transferred a little, here's what a gentle rub left on my finger tip. In addition, it did break down very easily even while sipping water, crumbling into gritty little bits. Upon removal, some of the dark blue colorants stained my lips, but mostly just the dead skin.
I could have looked passed many of these (many) shortcomings, but this lipstick was also quite drying and I found it uncomfortable to wear. Each time I would take it off within a couple of hours. Fyrinnae Whipped Metallic and Mattes are $8 each. Do you have a favorite maker of matte metallic lipsticks at the moment? Product featured was purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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