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Thursday, February 23, 2017

I first heard of Scentbird over a year ago, when I was in the middle of my blogging hiatus and my mind could not be further away from beauty and fragrance.  A representative from Scentbird contacted me to see if I was interested in trying the service, but at that time I was elbows deep in dirt (caught the gardening bug!) and let that offer pass me by. But the idea of a decant perfume shipped monthly to my door stayed with me and now, many moons later, I subscribed to their service out of pocket. 

The first month you sign up, you receive a case to house your monthly interchangeable vials of perfume. It's a snazzy little thing, the vial drops in with soft click and you twist the barrel to expose the spray mechanism.

What really drew me in was the price. I felt as though $14.99 was a phenomenal price for a third of an oz of fragrance. That's the perfect size for me - I rarely commit to a full bottle, and this allows me to date my scents without being exclusive. A rollerball of scent will usually run you $20-$30, and I must say, I hate rollerballs with a burning passion. I much prefer a spray. Not to mention, many of these brands just don't do rollerballs so in many cases, that isn't even an option. I also really like that you get to chose and queue up your perfumes. I'm actually not a big fan of "surprise" subscriptions, when it comes to ordering anything, I like having the final say in the matter.

The selection... it's a start. I spent quite a bit of time browsing through Scentbird's offerings. There are quite a few brands - Tom Ford, NEST, (Malin + Goetz), Juliette Has a Gun - that immediately caught my eye, but upon further inspection the selection from each house is rather limited. There's a quiz that helps recommend fragrances based on your preferences.

The shipping is slow, but since it's arriving monthly - it matters not when in the month it actually gets to me. Scentbird uses DHL which hands off to USPS and the shipping notices are near useless. I've noticed that with each shipment, the tracking number doesn't update until the morning my perfume is in my mailbox.

One other little thing - my credit card was charged 2x this month, but one was quickly refunded and I received an email, though no explanation.

I would just like to see more fragrances available to select. However I could definitely see how keeping hundreds of bottles of perfume and ensuring their freshness could be a challenge for a business. So for very selfish reasons I want to advocate subscribing to this service - the more subscribers, the faster the bottle turnover, and then hopefully, the more variety available to us.

Here's my referral link if you want to subscribe to this service. It is $14.99 per month, delivered to your mailbox. I used the code GET25 for 25% off my first month.

Do you have a favorite subscription service at the moment? Or see any scents from Scentbird that you'd recommend I add to my queue?

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