Review: The Brush Bar

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A few months ago I showed off this nifty gadget during an unboxing on IG stories as soon as I came back from Asia. It's one of the most inventive beauty products I've seen in a while! The Brush Bar is a slim, portable brush stand that has been helping me keep my brushes in peak condition.

Now is as good of a time as any to mention some housekeeping notices around the blog. Around the time last year when I came back to blogging, you might have noticed a steep decline in the products that I accept to review here on the blog. At this point I have one and only one criteria for accepting samples - would I buy this with my money? It seemed pointless for me to voice my thoughts on something that I would have never encountered or been tempted by on my own.

The Brush Bar is something that immediately piqued my interest, definitely something that I'd buy so I had no qualms about accepting it as a sample.  My unhealthy attachment to buying and using makeup brushes means that over the years, I've accumulated quite a few of these fluff sticks. Washing day gets pretty hectic at my house when anywhere from 40 to 60 brushes need to be stored upright so that they can drain and dry. Of my brush stands (plural, the situation is such that I need plural stands, oy vey!), the Brush Bar is undoubtedly the most ingenious.

It's a soft matte slim box that can be pulled open. Adjustable prongs flip open, and by gently closing the case again, you're able to cantilever your brushes over the edge of a counter or desk. This is absolutely brilliant! The case is hefty enough so that the brushes would never flip the stand off any surface, but compact enough that this would be a great little gadget for those of us who are short on space.

I liked that the tips of each prong pair is enclosed with a rubbery material that cushions and grips each brush. I would have liked it even more if the material covered all of the exposed prong, because sometimes the thickest part of the brush that goes in the holder ends up being not the ferrule but the glossy lacquered handle - like my ebony Shoushoulang brushes. For the most part, each prong lightly grabs a hold of a brush and gently suspends it over the surface edge. I've only had a few brushes fall out, tiny eye brushes that just wouldn't fit in the holder no matter how close I adjusted the prongs. The Brush Bar stand is best for large face brushes and up to medium (in girth) eye brushes.

Can it be used sideways, propped between two books/candles/jars to display brushes when you're not drying them? Not elegantly, but yes! I rarely stow away this stand, it stays on the edge of my makeup desk most of the time so that my largest face brushes are always within easy reach.

The Brush Bar is $38 for one stand. The Brush Bar can be purchased directly from The Brush Bar website. For 15% off, use code MIMI15 at checkout when making your first purchase. (No affiliation).

Product featured is a press sample. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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