CLEAN Skin Perfume- Observations From An Olfactory Simpleton

Tuesday, December 27, 2011
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Today I have a joint review, as it incorporates both my experience, as well as my boyfriend, Morgan's. (He, being blunt and of not many words gave me a general rundown that I *ahem*, elongated and made more elegant. Since he has never looked at my blog, I don't think he'll object.) We tested out this perfume about a month ago, over a weekend together.

Oh, CLEAN Skin. This is perhaps, the most divine substance I have ever had the pleasure of inhaling.
A balanced and blended perfume, I had problems picking out the notes the first time I wore it. I didn't question it, I just closed my eyes and breathed it in deeper. 

According to Sephora, the notes include:

Sheer Honeydew, Lotus Blossom, Fresh Air Accord, Dewy Petals, Aquatic Notes, Blue Rose, White Musks, Amber Wood, Creamy Vanilla.

When I spray this perfume on a tester strip, I smell absolutely nothing at all. It's amazing how body chemistry and heat transform a fragrance. I love the touch of aquatic that laces together the honeydew and lotus blossom. To be honest, the blue rose was lost on me but the warmth of the vanilla and musk was evident throughout and lingers like a soft caress. 

We both found Skin to be a very intimate scent. One that lured him in, inviting him to move closer to me and find the source. He lifted up locks of my hair and nuzzled my neck, closing in on where I spritzed my perfume earlier. 

After we parted ways, a few days later, he called and told me that he missed the scent of my perfume, I was a little surprised yet deeply satisfied. He said he loved how I smelled, that it was sensual and sexy.

This, coming from a man who I am not certain knows all the colors of the rainbow.
This, coming from a man who is baffled by makeup and polish. ("Why do you need more? You never finish what you have.")

So when this man decides to comment positively upon anything beauty related, it's worth taking note.

"I don't have a full bottle of this," I told him sadly.
"I think you need it," he replied simply.

A few weeks ago, I received a package from Sephora. He bought me a full bottle.

CLEAN Skin Eau de Parfum is $69 for  2.14oz. on Sephora's website. A 1 oz. size is also available on Amazon. 

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