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Thursday, December 15, 2011
I'm finally done with my finals. I'm so happy that they're over. A month of pure relaxation! Oh wait, except for the part where I'm working a ton. Other than that, I'll be doing just dandy.
Today, on my way home I stopped by a CVS and found the new Spoiled line by Wet'n'Wild.
Hmm, these colors look mighty familiar.... oh wait, I could swear that half of them are clones of Sinful Colors. I definitely saw something that resembled Call You Later (fine mixture of green glitters), I Miss You (magenta mix of glitters) as well as a dupe for a lot of vibrant shades. They do have some really intense, fluorescent neons though.
Not very unique, but oh well. They're cheap. $1.99.

This one is called I Only Eat Salads. A vibrant chartreuse creme, I love it. Pretty much a dupe of Sinful Innocence.

This one is called 2 Weeks Sober. Strikingly similar to Sinful Verbena, perhaps a touch darker. Purple creme, not totally saturated. This is what I expected Zoya Mira to look like (it's more red based).

Finally, we have Toad-ally Amazing, which looks like Sinful Mint Apple. Same light minty color, with a touch of fine shimmer.

The formula on these was pretty good. All three were two coaters but I had to do three because of the wretched, horrible, disgusting, disagreeable, annoying, irritating, ... you get my point, brush.
It's truly awful. Scrangie thought it was a quality control thing, but after examining more and more brush heads and reading reviews, I've come to the conclusion that they're supposed to be like this.
Fluffy, jagged, with this odd sloppy round cut. I've never met a worse brush for nail polish. The bristles drag the polish, leaving furrows. Luckily the formula leveled well. I'm still annoyed at the brush though.

I kinda like them. I'll probably buy more if they're ever on sale, to use for water marbling and such (come on, I can't be the only one who shudders at the idea of using Zoyas, OPIs or my 'good' polishes) because that process wastes a lot of polish. Unless they dramatically change the brush (why would they do that on purpose? They want us to have ugly nails?!), I don't think they'll ever be my favorite. It's nice to see Wet'n'Wild do full sized bottles though.

Have you seen these new Spoiled by Wet'n'Wild polishes yet?

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