LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara

Sunday, December 4, 2011
I was recently given the opportunity to try a brand called LASHEM. One of the things I've been testing out has been their Double Trouble Mascara. It's a two sided mascara- one side Lengthening with fibers, the other side Volumizing in a shiny, sleek chrome tube.
Combined with my heated lash curler, I've been quite happy with the results.
Volumizing side, Lengthening side

I generally use the Volumizing side first. I liked that both sides of the mascara tube had different brushes, and the Volumizing side had a brush with dense, short bristles that separated and coated each lash individually. Very clump free.
The other side, Lengthening, is more like your traditional mascara brush. I like to touch this side to just the ends of my lashes, to add length without over coating the lashes, which leads to clumping.
Bare lashes

Lashes with LASHEM Double Trouble Mascara, curled
Another pleasant aspect of this mascara was how easy it was to remove using cleansing oil and lukewarm water or cleansing makeup removing wipes. I also appreciated that the formula wasn't super dry (I hate crunchy eye lashes, eek) and that Double Trouble enhanced the degree of curl, instead of weighing it down.

I'm guessing that this mascara would be best suited for those with lots of lashes naturally, who want to enhance them even further but with a mascara that holds a curl well and separates each lash.

Let's talk price: LASHEM Double Trouble sells for $19.99 (online from LASHEM directly, or Dermstore). Though this feels a bit pricey to me, when I compare it to other mascaras I've used in the past such as Dior DiorShow ($24) or Bare Escentuals Big Tease ($15), this one is the clear winner. It makes my lashes look much longer by far. I would buy it as an occasional treat for myself since I do like the how mascara lifts my normally droopy stick lashes.

What mascara are you currently using? Do you love it, or would you stray to try another brand?

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  1. Have you ever tried Full 'N Soft mascara by Maybelline? Its under $7 and it never dries crunchy, its been my most reliable mascara for everyday use.


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