A Few Coastal Scents Hot Pots

Saturday, December 10, 2011
I mentioned previously that I made a small Coastal Scents order. I added a few shadows to my cart because some of them looked positively enticing.
I bought ME01, ME02, M17, S10, and S18. It's somewhat confusing on the site because each shade has a name, but the only way to identify these shades is a sticker on the back of each shadow  which only lists a letter and number combination.
ME01= Dark Golden Olive (which is precisely that, a metallic dark golden olive)
ME02= Aluminum Taupe (a very light, frosty taupe sheen)
M17= Midnight Blue (a very dark matte blue)
S10= Green Steel (a very complex dirty metallic silver with a very subtle touch of green)
S18= Maize Yellow (a slightly shimmery bright yellow with a touch of chartreuse)
For each pair, the left side is without primer and right side on top of primer

The quality of these shadows really vary. The shades with more shimmer/frost are more buttery and soft, while Maize Yellow is somewhat of a disappointment. Rather poor pigmentation and it barely shows up even with a primer (I see what it was on clearance now, ack.) To be fair, that shade was an impulse buy. I was curious as to what I could do with yellow eye shadow.
The other four shades, Dark Golden Olive, Aluminum Taupe, Midnight Blue and Green Steel are quite good but definitely need a primer. They are extremely soft though, and I've noticed that in just a few days of playing around with them that I've already created a dip in the pans which is something that never happens with my higher quality shadows such as LORAC or NARS. They're extremely blendable, which is a nice perk.
So it's a trade off. Cheaper price ($1.99 each)- but also overall a lower quality. If you're interested in Coastal Scents Hot Pots, might I suggest that you pick up shades that you intend on only "playing around with". For instance, maybe a neon pink eye shadow that you've been suddenly craving and leave your every day reliable shadows to better companies. Coastal Scents also frequently has sales, so if you sign up for their emails you'll be alerted of the deals and score them for even cheaper.

Side story: I tried to take swatch pictures outside. That didn't work out since it was absolutely freezing outdoors so my arm was covered with gooseflesh. Kuma did enjoy it though, he loves the cold weather.
That's his supermodel wind blowing back his fur pose. 

Thanks for reading!

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