Finger Paints Special Effects Flakies

Friday, December 30, 2011
I got these for myself for Christmas. I had to have 'em all.  Let's just get right down to it. These are all swatched one coat over black.

Flashy- your standard flakie (the same type in Essie Shine of the Times, Nubar 2010, Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure) that flash from a warm copper to a spring green.

Flecked- flakes that flash from aqua green to blue. The same as the ones in NYX Purple Ave.

Motley- flakies that flash from cobalt to a deep indigo.

Asylum- very unique combination of warm coppery flakes (like from Flashy) and these violet flakes from Motley.

Twisted- the best of the bunch. This looks like Asylum taken a step even further with flakies that flash from green to blue (think of it as Asylum + Flecked).

I'm not going to lie to you-what it comes down to is that if you owned the first three, Flashy, Flecked and Motley you can pretty much layer them to make Asylum and Twisted.

The are a little sparse in the milky base, much fewer flakes than Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure but more than the NYX Ave flakies. I don't really see the color of the base when layered over a dark color, which is good but it bothers me a little how yellow and milky it is. Like buttermilk.

I like them. But I don't love them. I think I was so excited for them, and then once I got my hands on it the thrill of the chase wore off. However, Twisted does look wicked awesome, especially with a matte coat.

Good night!

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