Belly Button Lint - My First Proper Franken

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Disgusting name for a franken, I know. But so very fitting and it has a great back story, I promise.
I recently bought polish frankening supplies from TKB Trading. Mini bottles, small stainless steel balls, suspension base, colorants, glitter, the whole works. This is my very first proper franken (the previous ones being massive fails) which as you will see has a very suitable name of Belly Button Lint.

My boyfriend Morgan is great in many ways. Unfortunately, keeping his belly button free of lint is not one of them. It's funny, because he never wears anything that really produces lint, he's the cotton t-shirt sort of guy. In fact, blue, white, grey and black t-shirts, to be precise. I am always teasing him about it, and to his credit he is always somewhat embarrassed about it which I find ridiculously cute.

Me: So, I made this nail polish and it has blue, white, black little fiber looking glitters in it.

Morgan: Oh yeah, that one looks neat.

Me: I named it Belly Button Lint.

Morgan: .... You didn't.

Me: Oh, but I did.

Morgan: You're not going to tell anyone why, are you?

Me: Wanna bet? I'm going to blog about it too.

Morgan (mortified): No! Don't do it! People on the internet will judge me.

Me: Oh the horror! Strangers everywhere will know of your shame! People will walk by you on the street and know you as the man who can't keep lint from accumulating in your navel. Also, look at the label. I took one of those stickers that reinforces hole punches and used that. Because it's a hole. And it looks like a belly button with lint in there. 

Morgan: I see what you did there.


Morgan: Could I pay for your silence? Is there anything I could buy you that would convince you to not publish this on the internet?

The answer is no. No, there is not.

Now, this polish still needs some tweaking. Currently, I still have to fish around for the perfect amount of glitter per nail, but I'm starting to think that due to the fiber-y nature, it might be unavoidable. Worn here over Essence Fivepocket Grey.

Luckily, the boyfriend in this post happens to be very good natured and did really mind me posting about his erm, condition. Product featured was created by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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