Franken: Pillow Mint

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away there was a polish made by CoverGirl Nail Slicks called Chocolate Mint. It was gorgeous (click here to see what it looks like on Chloe's Nails), a warm brown with green shimmer that looked almost like a duochrome. In fact, it reminds a lot of MAC Green Brown pigment or Club shadow. Now surely you must know by now how much I adore colors like that (ok, if you don't I can sum it up in one word: obsessed) so I was immediately drawn to that polish.

That was two years ago. Cover Slicks were turning up in Dollar Stores so I held out. I waited. Then I had the chance to buy it on eBay for a mere five dollars or so, but declined because I was on one of those DREADFUL NO-BUYS. More often than not, I'm on a no-buy. Story of my life. Since then, I haven't seen a bottle of Chocolate Mint on eBay for any price. Rats.

Enter, franken. Pillow Mint. I think I've captured the essence of the polish pretty well. Perhaps the green shimmer could be larger in particle size, so that it looks like shimmer that changes color rather than greenish frost. I'll work on that. But on the whole, I am thoroughly satisfied with myself. Curing a lemming that spanned years, making it myself and not paying ridiculous prices on eBay? Winning.

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  1. Great job!! Is it weird that I want to eat it?? Lol. I so want something mint-chocolate now!


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