I'm in Love- Sultra The Wicked Black Wave & Straight Iron

Monday, July 16, 2012

About a month ago, my flat iron died. It was a terrible moment. Time itself slowed down, the birds outside stopped singing and if you live within a five mile radius of my house you would have heard me shrieking "Nooo!"  A few days later while shopping at CosmoProf, I was delighted to see that they were having a fantastic sale on quite a few of their hair tools. Remember now, my grief was still fresh and so I was easily swayed. 
And that my friends, is how I came home with a spankin' new Sultra The Wicked Black Wave & Straight Iron. 

After thoroughly testing it out, I'm very pleased to tell you that this iron is wicked awesome (see what I did there?). I liked that this Sultra iron heated up very quickly (less than 25 seconds). It beeps and lights up when it turns on and beeps again when it reaches the right temperature. There is something gratifying about how fast it was ready (I wish everything in my life was ready this fast. Like food. Or my nails drying completely). There is only one temperature setting (375 degrees F) but since my hair is on the finer side of medium, it worked quite well at that setting, even though the plates are slim at 1". 

Performance wise, I have never used a better flat iron. Period. CHIs and Cricket flat irons have nothing on this baby! I was expecting straight hair (I know, I know- duh!) but I was not prepared for the crazy amount of shine that The Wicked imparts on my medium-fine hair. As a waving element, this iron did well too. I tested it out on my mother's coarse, unruly hair. 

I also like that The Wicked comes with a heat/cleaning pad. I like to wrap it around my flat iron when storing it too. Another perk is the swiveling extra long cord, not to mention the automatic shutoff and the two year warranty. The only way that this iron could be even better is if it had a locking mechanism so that it could be locked shut for easier travel, but tying the heating pad around the iron works too. 
How straight and shiny my hair becomes
after a single pass through.
Bottom line is that if you have fine to medium hair, I think that you'll really enjoy how wickedly shiny and straight that the Sultra The Wicked iron can make your hair. For hair that is on the coarse side, I'm guessing that The Slim Luxe or The Seductress irons would be even better because they have higher temperature settings. Remember though- you should always use heat protectant, no matter what temperature setting. 

Sultra The Wicked Black Wave & Straight is $165 and can found on Sultra's website as well as Nordstrom online.

What is your favorite flat iron? Have you tried any of Sultra's heating tools? I have my eye on The Bombshell Cone wand since my experience with The Wicked was so phenomenal. 

Products featured were purchased by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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