Some Sinful Colors Spam, Vol. I

Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's $.99 Sinful Colors time at Walgreens again! I of course, picked up a few (right after moaning about how I fail at no-buys yesterday, heh). Here's some swatches of some Sinful Colors polishes, some that I bought today and some that I had already. I know some of these polishes are LE or discontinued, but you'd be surprised at what you might find. I found the discontinued  *edit: it has been brought to my attention that though this shade may not be carried at Walgreens anymore, it may be found in other drugstores in some parts of the country* UFO hiding behind other polishes at a location in  Sacramento. Due to how many swatches I did, these are NOT the best condition my cuticles have ever been in, sorry!

Hazard is a light orange-peach with fine silver shimmer. You can sort of see the shimmer in the bottle, but once on the nail it looks like a creme. Very bright and punchy color. 

UFO is a mix of small round opalescent glitter and micro orange glitter in a sheer orange base. Worn here over Hazard. I love this, it is such a good layering glitter. 

Slate is lighter grey with silver shimmer. 

Mint Apple is a crowd favorite. Light jade green with sparkles that look predominately silver. I don't love the formula though, hard for me to work with.

Leap Flog (... leap flog? Whhhuuuuuut?) is a new color, from a seasonal display. It reminds me a lot of Zoya's Evvie from their Fall Designer Collection. I love this shade, a green-grey creme. It's precisely the shade that I want to see lots of this fall. 

Island Coral is a bright salmon. I had to get this shade after seeing this post on Gnarly Gnails, comparing it to butter London's Trout Pout. More pink than Hazard, creme finish.

Citrine is another shade that was in a LE display. A bright, attention getting orange that leans very red, creme in finish but with a certain amount of squishiness to it. It looks neon in the bottle, but dries more red and a bit darker, I find.

Winterberry is a somber ashy purple with various colored shimmer that looks predominately purple. I had seen it featured on a lot of blogs but hadn't understood the fuss until I actually wore it. Yeah. It's wicked cool. 

Rain Storm is a denim blue creme. Echos Zoya Natty, but more blue and more vivid. 

Hottie is a blue version of UFO. Small round and micro opalescent sheer glitter in a sheer blue base. Pictured here over Rain Storm. 

I really like Sinful Colors polishes. They have a lot of very interesting colors, and on the whole have pretty decent formulas. I like that they are always coming out with new and fascinating colors, and what's more- these shades are always on trend. Oh and the sale price of $.99 with a regular price of $1.99? Suck it, high end polishes. 

Hopefully these swatches help you decide which ones you'll be picking up!

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