31 Day Nail Challenge v2: Rainbow Nails

Saturday, June 15, 2013
I'm getting a little ahead of myself by doing rainbow nails before finishing my blue and purple but I just couldn't wait any longer! I had posted these nails on Instagram already so I really wanted to share them on my blog.

I used this set of 12 hex glitters sent to me by Born Pretty Store, the mega online nail art supply. These are medium size hexes in pretty metallic (and one matte white) shades.

Another product that I was sent that made working with these glitters really easy was these wax pencils. Whenever I work with glitter placement, I find that glitter gets EVERYWHERE because I can't control it. Voila! These wax pencils make it really easy to pick up and place single piece of glitter from the cap of the little pot right onto your nail. They sharpen easily with any regular pencil sharpener and are really cheap at $1.99 for two pencils.

All I did was place these glitters onto nail polish that was slightly damp. Finished it off with one coat of topcoat. Easy right? Remember, you can use my code to get 10% off your order!

Have you tried any sort of glitter placement manicure? 

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