Cirque Colors French Roast

Sunday, June 2, 2013
Recently the indie brand Cirque had a 40% off sale I couldn't resist. I had hoped to pick up two long time lemmings, French Roast and the rainbow glitterbomb XX. Unfortunately the latter wasn't in stock but I was really happy to get French Roast, I had longed for it ever since I saw it on The Swatchaholic.

Finally, French Roast was mine! I've been really into brown glitters lately. I was a bit surprised to see that French Roast was more orange in person than I was expecting. I decided to wear two coats of it over black, since the dark base would really make the glitter pop. The polish is a mixture of fine coppery glitter that flashes gold and green. There are also small dark orange hexes. The base is clear and the formula was absolutely wonderful for a glitter; very fluid and easy to apply.

It dried really matte and rough so I used one coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter Food to smooth it out, as well as one coat of fast dry top coat. I loved this polish so much I wore it for three days (which is exceptionally long for me).

I like Cirque packaging quite a bit, the matte black logo on the bottle is a really nice touch. I also liked that there was an ingredients list, though the black printing on a dark polish and minuscule lettering makes it pretty much impossible to make out.

This is pretty much the prettiest brown polish I have ever seen! I really do enjoy wearing and I was very happy to pick up my first polish from Cirque Colors. I think the the normal prices ($12 for glitters, duochromes, shimmers and $16 for holos, I think. Site is down) are a bit too steep for me, but you can bet that if there are more sales like this I will definitely pick more up.

Cirque Colors can be purchased here. The site is currently down as the new Arcus Collection releases June 3rd. Watch the promo video, it is mesmerizing!

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