Ecotools Face & Body Sculpting Brush

Saturday, June 8, 2013

So I'm on this huge brush kick right now. I've got it pretty bad. I was buying brushes for a friend (this means I can blame her, right?) when I saw one of the newer Ecotools brushes was in stock. It had a really unusal shape (in terms of drug store finds), it reminded me of both the NARS Botan and Ita #28 brushes at the same time. A rectangular shape like the Ita #28, but full and large like the Botan.Well that interesting and positively soft looking Face & Body Sculpting Brush promptly came home with me.

The handle is roughly three inches long, one and a half inches tall and three quarters of an inch wide. It is made of spliced bamboo and the bristles are Ecotool's well known soft synthetic. The brush is really wonderfully soft with a flat cut, so soft that I kind of want to keep stroking it like a cat.

I don't think that it makes a good contouring brush, like the packaging suggests. It is simply too large, too wide to sculpt areas on the face other than perhaps the jawline. I also found it too bad and fluffy to sculpt collar bones and the base of the neck like I had planned on doing. However, this brush is marvelous as depositing an even application of powders over large areas. I've been using the Face & Body Sculpting Brush to lightly dust my décolletage with a tiny bit of golden shimmery bronzer, as well as flat areas like my forehead.

Wait, I haven't told you the BEST use for this brush yet. Inspired by a review I read for the NARS Botan, I've been using this brush to blend blush, contour, highlighter after applying all three products. Since the brush is so long, it covers my entire cheek, I simply use it (clean, of course) to stroke upwards and outwards at the same time. A couple strokes ensures that all face products are blended together, giving your makeup a cohesive look rather than separate components.

Priced at $11.97, this brush was definitely the most expensive single brush Ecotools offers. Heck, it's more expensive than most of their brush sets, bit still cheap compared to other quality brushes out there. It is however a truly nice brush, and I am very glad that I purchased it.

Have you purchased any Ecotools brushes lately?

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