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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hi folks!

I wanted to post this last night but unfortunately allergies have been kicking my butt all over the place. I've been spending a lot of my time in bed just riding it out. Anyways, I wanted to show you three more Polished by KPT thermal polishes.

These three are called Ophelia's L♥ve, Being in the Pink and Nostalgia.

Ophelia's L♥ve is a smokey lavender (warm) to blackened eggplant (cool) thermal with flecks that shift from goldish green to a bright amethyst. This is just two coats.

Oh Nostalgia. An absolute stunner. Like Ophelia's L♥ve, it's a smokey thermal but unlike OL it has finer, delicate shimmer. The shimmer has a duochrome-y effect, from a dark plum through a lighter almost pinkish shade and even at some extreme angles, green.  I took a lot of shots and didn't do it justice, but I think you can see the effect quite well on the bottle. Two coats.

Being in the Pink. I can't even express how wonderful this is. It's a bright, super hot pink (warm) to purple (cool) HOLO thermal. The holo effect is quite good and much stronger in real life than it is in my pictures. I adore this to bits and pieces, I can't even explain it. It's just so bright and poppin'. Two coats. The first picture is how it looks in really hot weather, the second picture is dipped in hot water, the third pic is in cool water and the last picture is cold water splashed on the tips of hot nails.

All three of these had a really nice formula, very smooth and glided on during application. I really like how the two darker shades looked with just two coats, I could really see the transitional gradient effect whenever I was in air conditioning or touched cool things (remember it's really quite warm where I am right now so I tend to see more of the warm effect). You could wear them over other shades or with three coats for a more opaque effect. BITP is just fantastic, it's delightful to wear and I had it on for three days before I realized that I really did have to take it off in order to swatch other shades.

Ophelia's L♥ve and Nostalgia are sold as the Unrequited Love set (LE) at $22 and Being in the Pink is $10. Check out the Polished by KPT store here. Be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram (@polishedbykpt) for the latest updates and first look at new polishes.

EDIT: Katherine has generously created a code so that MakeupWithdrawal readers save 15% on their orders! How awesome is that? Use MAKEUPWITHDRAWAL at checkout to snag this discount.

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