Four Fabulous Bottles of Nail Sauce by Feliifel

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

 Hi friends!

Tonight I'd like to show you four shades from the brand Nail Sauce, made by the hilarious and awesome @feliifel (on Instagram).

Peachy O. A peachy crelly with matte yellow, red orange and pink glitter. This polish captures the essence of peach rings perfectly! I really love it. Shown here is three coats. 

Salted Caramel. A very pretty warm tan with small caramel and satin white hex. Every time someone brings this polish up, my mouth instantly starts to water! Three super thin coats. 

Accent over Zoya Hunter. 

Cali. A tribute to the amazing state that I now reside in! The colors are from the California state flag- dark chocolate hex, small green, white rectangles and red stars. This is one coat over CQ Vintage Grey, no fishing or anything, just dabbed on. I really love this one because of how much I've fallen in love with this state. I'm never moving!

Last but not least, Franken Berry! A super pretty cool lavender with really pretty hot pink and light green hexes and tiny teal blue glitter. This one is my favorite. Shown here is three very thin coats. I wasn't allowed to have the fruity breakfast cereals as a kid but on those rare occasions that I did - this reminds me of the purple milk left in the bowl with a few bright pieces of cereal left! The formula is really nice and glossy. 

Actually all four had really nice formulas, very fluid and easy to work with. I find all four shades to be really unique; I can't think of a single indie or mainstream brand that even comes close to any of the colors. I'm definitely getting some full sized bottles of these!

Nail Sauce is sold here. Prices start at $8.75 for full sized bottles. Be sure to follow @feliifel on Instagram for all the newest updates on restocks. You'll definitely also want to check out the newest collection, Sneakerhead Part I especially if you're a die hard fan of shoes! 

Which one of these appeals to you the most?

Products featured were given to me to review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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