Zoya Fall 2013 Cashmeres Collection

Friday, July 19, 2013
Hi folks! I'll finish up my CosmoProf North America Recap series but I wanted to squeeze in your first look at part of Zoya's fall offerings. This is the Cashmeres, the creme collection. The colors are exactly my cup of tea, dark and rich.
Livingston. Clean blue based red. More blue than Zoya Rehka and darker and more creme-like than Zoya Sookie (which has a bit of jellyish squish to it).
 Pepper. A smooth brick red. I love that it has just enough brown to it to not be glaringly bright.

 Sailor. Perhaps my favorite out of the group, a gorgeous navy.

Hunter. A dark green that hits the sweet spot right; not too blue based and not too much yellow. A lot of greens can really make my hands look quite yellow but this is just fantastic.

Louise. Great coverage brown. A little darker than milk chocolate but not quite dark chocolate territory.
Flynn. A smooth elegant light tan. I want to say that it doesn't have enough yellow to be considered camel. Very chic shade.

So usually I list how many coats I'm wearing in each swatch, but everything in this collection took just two glorious coats. Two smooth flowing, gliding coats that practically applied them selves. Really great formula on this collection.

It may only be July but I so ready to wrap myself up with a thick knitted sweater, pack a thermos full of hot spiced cider and go see the changing leaves! I really loved every color in this collection (Livingston wasn't super exciting but the quality is just superb) and the application of these shades pleased me greatly.

What are your favorite shades from this collection?

Zoya's ultra rich Cashmeres are $8 and available now at Zoya.com. Zoya Nail Polish is a nail polish free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor.

Products featured were given to me to review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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