Zoya Textured Stars & Stripes Tutorial

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Hi folks!

Zoya's PixieDust polishes are my favorite textured polishes in terms of formula and final gritty effect, so I used two shades to create a 4th of July manicure to share with you.

You'll need:

-Zoya Chyna
-Zoya Liberty
-Zoya Purity
-a piece of foil or other surface for nail polish
-a dotting tool, birchwood stick or toothpick
-a fine nail brush
-Q-tips or brushes and polish remover for clean up.

Paint your nails using Zoya Chyna and Liberty. I used Liberty on my pointer and Chyna on the other fingers, two coats each. Wait for them to dry completely.

Pour out a bit of Purity on the foil. Then let it sit for a while, stirring it with your dotting tool to occasionally to test it.

You want the polish to pull away in strings. Too runny and it'll drip away in big blobs, too dry and it'll get chunky and break instead of creating thin strings (like pulling taffy!).

Pull up strings of polish and wrap it around your nail, a circular motion with your tool. Each time, dipping the tool into the polish to pull up more strands of polish. If the polish starts drying out, add a drop of fresh white polish.

When you've spun enough of the strands around your red nails, use the thin brush and fresh white polish to draw white stars on the nail painted with Liberty.

Finish the look by cleaning up with remover around your cuticles. Since it's a textured look, no topoat is necessary!

Zoya Pixie Dusts are $9 each and can be found on the Zoya website.

Easy patriotic manicure, right? Did anyone else do any 4th of July or Canada Day nails?

Some of the products featured were sent to me for review. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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