Why Change a Good Thing? Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
I was recently at Sephora were I wanted to pick up another bottle of my favorite cream cleanser- the Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser. This is my third bottle in a little less than two years, an absolute staple in my skincare routine.

I immediately noticed that it had changed packaging. A cheerful Sephora sales associate chirped that it was indeed the same product. Actually, it wasn't. Unfortunately I didn't find that out until I went home and washed my face for the first time. Though subtle and completely inoffensive, I noticed it definitely had fragrance where the old formula did not. Naturally I compared the two ingredients list side by side.

The new Gentle Hydro Cleanser has fewer ingredients. Most of the fruit and herb extracts and oils were completely eliminated. Fragrance was added. They are both nonfoaming and white, but other than that they are pretty much completely different products. The new version doesn't feel as soothing. I know it's bizarre to say that face wash can be calming (especially when used with an exoliating tool such as the Clarisonic brush) but truly the old Gentle Hydro Cleanser would help soothe my skin when it was irritated from allergies or breakouts. It would immediately look less red and help with puffiness. This new version doesn't irritate my skin, but it really doesn't do anything for my skin at all.

While the packaging did change, it was rather subtle; same color scheme, same bottle shape, same product name. In short, I just wish that when companies reformulated products there would be a "New!" sticker or some sort of indication that the ingredients have changed.

Has a favorite product of yours ever been changed without warning?

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