Brazilian Indies: Penelope Luz

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Today I'd like to show you my first Brazilian indies, courtesy of Color4Nilas! I've long admired international indie brands but until recently, they were somewhat hard to get unless you did a swap or had friends/family that could help you get them. Luckily Color4Nails now stocks a lot of indies from other countries, including Brazil and Australia.

These two polishes are from Penelope Luz.

First we have Sarcasm. Sarcasm is matte bright mini hexes and black micro glitter in a slightly tinted base. The base looks like it is tinted orange in the bottle but applies pretty sheer. I wore two coats of Sarcasm over white on my nails and as you can see there is only the faintest tint of peach. This is one polish you really need to apply to see the full potential! It look so great on the nails.

Next we have Happy Day. Happy Day has a milky grey base that is quite sheer fulled with rainbow glitter that are predominately secondary colors. As far as rainbow glitters go, this one really stands out to me! Rather than try to wear it by itself, I applied one coat over a nude base of ibd Cashmere Blush. I really love the unique chartreuse glitter in this polish, I can't say that I have every seen anything like it.

Both polish were nice and fluid, applying very easily. You can get Penelope Luz and other fine brands at Color4Nails.

What's your favorite rainbow glitter polish?

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