Review: Winstonia Synthetic Kabuki Set

Monday, September 16, 2013


I've been testing out this set of Winstonia Synthetic Kabuki brushes for the last couple of weeks and after a few washes and many uses, I feel like I can give a proper review.

This set contains five short handled brushes in different shapes. Each is about five inches long and comes protected in plastic sleeves.

 At first when I took them out of the sleeves, they smelled a bit awful from the plastic, but one wash took care of that smell completely. Each brushes feels sturdy, not at all flimsy or shoddy. The brown part of the bristles are firmer and the white tips are super soft against the skin. I really like that, the brown hairs give a lot of support and provide resilience, some other synthetic brushes can feel too soft sometimes. Each brush head is also very dense.
 Flat topped brush. I used it for foundation. Good with both liquid and powder. Gives a nice airbrushed effect when used in a stippling or buffing motion.

 Flat top angled brush. I basically used this as an alternate foundation brush.

 Round brush. My favorite! The density and shape make it a great brush for blush and bronzer. The soft tips are good for blending a very natural amount of color on the cheeks.

 Angled top. I've been using this one for contouring, it fits nicely beneath the cheekbones.

 Pointed top. I like using this one with liquid foundation to get the the corners of my nose. Also good for concealer lightly under the eye.

I noticed that the two flat headed brushes had a few longer, stray hairs. I just trimmed them down, no big deal. My liquid foundation also didn't wash out completely the first time, it seemed to stain the white part of the brushes lightly. But I dabbed a little cleansing oil (you could also use a little bit of olive oil, then follow up with face cleanser) and it came right out, so again, not really an issue to me.

Overall I think these brushes are very nice and a good value at just $22.95. You'd be hard pressed to find a five face brushes for cheaper than that, around $4 per brush! Shop the Winstonia store here.

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