New for Holiday 2013: OPI Pure 18k White Gold & Silver Topcoat

Tuesday, September 10, 2013
Hi folks! Two posts again in one night? Lucky you! Hah no, actually I picked up something really exciting today and just couldn't wait to blog about it.

Today I happened upon the new gold leaf topcoat that OPI is releasing this year for the holiday Mariah Carey collection. It's called simply Pure and is made up of 18k white gold and silver. There's definitely a yellow tinge to both the gold and the clear base but I think it still looks very white against dark colors.

This is one coat over OPI Roadhouse Blues. What do you think? Did you pick up The Man With the Golden Gun last year? Will you be getting this one?

Since I bought this at an independent nail supply with pro pricing, I'm not sure how much this will go for as retail. I'm guessing very close to the cost of Man With the Golden Gun though.

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