Kiko Colour Explosion Multi-Tone Blush in 03 Active Mauve

Monday, September 9, 2013

Good morning, friends!

I'm really fortunate to have made friends overseas and one of them is the lovely Chiro from Nail of This Week. She helped me get some Kiko Sugar Matts and p2 Sandstyles and included this gorgeous blush in the package! It was such a sweet surprised. 

This is the first Kiko makeup item I've tried. I like the packaging, a sleek mirror like cover with a color explosion. The inside of the cover is an actual mirror and houses a beautiful tri colored pan of blush. The darkest shade is a berry red, the middle is a light mauve and the lightest color is a soft apricot. 

Here, I've swatched the three main colors in vertical stripes while the round swatches are the mixes between the shades. The pigmentation is quite good, the thing is that the colors may be hard to see on my arm because they are close to the value of the color of my skin. The two darker shades are satiny in finish while the light apricot shade makes a gorgeous highlighter- it is slightly shimmery/pearlescent. 

I think it's fairly natural looking, especially since the finishes on the darker shades is satin instead of shimmery. I know I've applied it lightly in the picture above (in the summer my face gets red enough as it is!) but I really liked how it looked. I love how you can really customize shades with a blush that has multiple colors in it. 

The best part of this multi toned blush is the silky texture. The powder is very finely milled and very buttery feeling. I like traveling with this blush (brought it on my last trip) because the case is very sturdy. Overall, a really great blush! Thanks so much Chiro!

Products featured were given by a friend. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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