Messy Mansion Plate #17

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Hello folks!

A few weeks ago, Julia from the Australian website Messy Mansion contacted me to see if I wanted to review some of her stamping plates and I instantly said yes! I hadn't previously heard of Messy Mansion before but was really impressed to see the shop stocked with so many different stamping plates, some of which I had never seen before. Today I'll be showing you plate MM17 from her own Messy Mansion line of plates!

The MM plates are much bigger than the popular Konad or Bundle Monster series. The images are larger as well, roughly 23mm by 17mm. They came with blue plastic covering but no paper backing. The edges are rough but not sharp though. MM17 has cute dragonflies and ladybugs, and even a pair of cute googly eyes.

I used Morgan Taylor Prettier in Pink as my background shade and used Konad Black to stamp. I'm not used to such nice large images so I kept messing up at first (also pretty rusty, it's been a while!) with my plastic Konad scraper. I eventually figured out that I was scraping way harder than I need to be, which was scraping away too much polish and creating bald spots on the images with large etched areas. Overall this plate stamped well. The designs are just too cute! I can't wait to do a dragonfly manicure next (check out Wacky Lacki, Anutka already did a stunning manicure with those images).

Perhaps the best thing about Messy Mansion? Even though the shop is Australian based, international orders with just plates ship for only $2.50 USD unregistered! Fantastic right?

MM17 plates is only $7. Click here to start shopping!

What's the cutest nail plate you currently own?

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