Cirque Colors: The Heritage Collection

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Good evening!

I'm sure that by now you have probably seen the press release or heard about the new Cirque Colors Heritage Collection. It's glorious, a symphony of rainbow hues with a scattered holographic finish and check out the new screen printed bottles! I won't let to you, part of the reason why it too me so long to finish my swatches was that they were so beautiful that I felt like I had to savor each shade and create different manicures to really show them off. 

New York, NY (March 2014) - From the Aztecs to the Inuits, Cirque Colors drew inspiration from the native cultures of the Americas to create a collection called -- Heritage. This collection consists of 7 vibrant holographic lacquers that celebrate the richly spirited traditions and arts of these indigenous groups. Sky Woman, a shimmering periwinkle, was inspired by the fabled creation story about the woman who fell from the sky. While the bright pink hue of Powwow embodies the dynamic music and performances honoring their heritage.

Powwow. Two coats. A bright fuchsia with what looks to me like a blend of blue and purple micro glitter. Pictured here with Sky Woman and Xochitl.

 Luminous Owl. Two coats. A beautiful coral holographic polish. Pictured here with Sani.

 Panacea. Two coats. A vivid chartreuse shade with matching micro glitter. Pictured here with Cerrilos.

 Sky Woman. Two coats. A lighter sky blue/ cornflower blue. Pictured here with Powwow and Xochitl.

 Cerrillos. Two coats. A saturated teal holo with blue micro fine glitter. Pictured with Xochitl and Sky Woman.

Xochitl. Two coats. A lovely orchid holo with ultra fine glitter. Pictured here with Sky Woman and Cerrillos.

Sani. Two coats. A silvery, almost graphite like, chrome holo. Picture here with all the rest of the shades.

I used topcoat for these swatches, something I don't usually do for holos because some of my taped nail art left somes "edges". All of these were very similar in formula; smooth flowing and very opaque. As you can tell, they looked great and blended harmoniously when used for gradients. On the whole, they are not the most strong holos out there (they have a bit of a more creme like base) but that enables these shades from the Heritage Collection to be vibrant in color and really quite beautiful.

You can purchase the colors from the Heritage Collection directly from Cirque Colors. You'll be happy to know that the price of these new holos have actually decreased from previously released shades! International friends, check out this page for the store or etailer that services your area.

Products featured were press samples. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy. 

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