Perfume Diary: Tam Dao Eau de Parfum

Wednesday, April 2, 2014
Recently the French line Diptyque created parfum versions of some of their most popular EdTs. I was very lucky and managed to get my hands on a deluxe travel sized (12 ml) spray of Tam Dao. I have long admired Tam Dao in EdT form but this was a whole different level of sensory bliss!

Perhaps the most woody of Diptyque fragrances, Tam Dao is without a doubt my favorite. I've spent so many hours enjoying this beautiful fragrance, it transports me somewhere quiet and serene; a grove of trees where I can enjoy the shade. 
The delicate elephant etchings inside the logo, is that not the perfect detail?

From the Diptyque L'Art du Parfum booklet:

Tam Dao (2003)
The mountains of Tonkin tremble under the weighty steps of elephants carrying uprooted trees of precious wood through the vines. Majestic sandalwood breathes out its redolence in the sweltering heat of the jungle... Tam Dao pays tribute to the most sought-after of the sacred woods: the sandalwood of Goa. 
I do find Tam Dao to be quite linear but I'm completely at peace with that. It's a crescendo of sandalwood and cedarwood swirling together in perfect harmony, while cypress plays second fiddle. Amber and musk lend this scent body while spices add dimension. To be honest I can't pick out the coriander, lime and ginger individually but I can definitely tell that they are missing from the eau de toilette as it is much creamier. I find that in the EdT, sandalwood and rosewood dominate more heavily compared to the EdP.

As much as I like this scent on me, I simply adore it on my husband who sadly does not care for it. When I spritz his neck, it absolutely guarantees that I will be snuggled up as close as physically possible to further inhale the tantalizing aroma. On his body, the cedar is absolutely captivating. Something about it is dark like the silence of the night and so intense that it is almost palpable (I do not mean that it is too strong or overwhelming, the note of cedar is just very ... there). On myself, Tam Dao is sweeter and a bit warmer in feel. I would very much like this to become Morgan's new daily scent but he thinks that he smells like the lumber yard at Home Depot (this is why he can't have nice things).

Longevity: 10/10
Let's put it this way: the longest I have gone without showering while wearing Tam Dao is one and a half days. Two spritzes will last that entire time, even when I step into the hot steamy shower it revitalizes for a final encore. I'm not keen on abstaining from showers just to find out how long it could really last so I can only state that this has the best staying power of all the scents I have ever tried.

Projection: 6/10
It stays close to the body, but that is fine by me. Others smell it in enclosed spaces such as cars and when they are extremely close and it seems to travel better (or at least smell better) on cool winds. I actually prefer it this way, I want Tam Dao for my solitary enjoyment. Perhaps its because I find it so incredible on my husband that I want it all to myself.

I am not a seasonal perfume categorizer at all but I will have to say that I particularly enjoyed Tam Dao EdP during the cooler weather we have had recently in northern California, it is simply splendid on a rainy day combined with petrichor. On warmer nights I'm quite fond of applying Tam Dao with a bit of Diptyque 34 EdT which provides a more lively experience. I think I shall definitely be purchasing a full bottle of this, I can't think of a reason that I would not!

Tam Dao EdP  is $140 for 2.5 fl. oz. It can be purchased from Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Ave (use code FREESHIP for you guessed it, free shipping).  I highly recommend ordering directly from the Diptqyue store in San Francisco though (call Dylan at 415-401-0600) so that you can request samples of other scents that you'd like to try (or the new tantalizing skincare line).

Have you tried Tam Dao in EdT, EdP or solid parfum forms? What did you think? Do you have another woody perfume that you love?

Products featured were purchase by me, for my own use. For additional information, please refer to my Disclosure Policy.

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