Winstonia Kolinsky Sable Detail Brushes + Easter Nail Design

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Hi folks! I'm back from our honeymoon but unfortunately quite ill (again) so I haven't tackled the comments you guys have left me. Hopefully I'll be caught up soon. Tonight I wanted to review new sable nail art brushes from Winstonia, your US based nail art supply store. These pink aluminum sable brushes come in five sizes but I'll be showing you the three smallest detailers; #0, #00 and #000. If you're familiar with the brown set of detail brushes (these), these are similar in terms of the size of the brush tips but are far superior quality wise. The hairs have a much better taper. 

 I like that the brushes come in aluminum cased handed and caps. They're light but sturdy and best of all, acetone proof. No more accidentally half dissolved handles (oh wait, maybe that's just clumsy me). The caps have a hole at the end so that brushes will dry out too, which is nice. So far I have used them with acrylic and nail polish, cleaned them with acetone and have experienced no issues- no scraggly hairs or anything. The bristles come to a nice point.

For this manicure I used white acrylic paint using the brushes to paint designs over glittery polish bases. From left to right: Maybelline Drops of Jade, The Face Shop 04 and 01 glitters and  Maybelline Blue Marks the Spot.

I definitely like the quality of these brushes and I can't tell you how nice it is to have brush caps to protect the bristles. I would be extremely happy if even finer sizes were made available, I'd buy them for sure! These brushes are definitely affordable too! Each brush is $6.95. Click here to shop.

Do you have a favorite set or individual nail art brushes?

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