Sephora Collection Long Lasting Eyeliner in Fancy Blue

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Recently Sephora marked down their house brand of Long Lasting Eyeliners so I made a rather impulsive decision to snatch one up before it was discontinued. Truth be told, I had my eye on Fancy Blue for quite a while but for some reason just never pulled the trigger.

It is an absolute beauty. Upon a closer look, the liquid eyeliner is actually slightly pearly in color but dries pretty matte. No camera could possibly capture this perfect blue, it's just absolutely stunning. Lighter than a pure cobalt, it is still a very true blue. The brush is fantastic, it tapers to a very fine point and allows the user a great deal of precision. The formula dries quickly but if you try to cover areas larger than thin lines, it can crack a bit.  It's not super smudge free (allergy sufferers, don't rub!) but it wore decently throughout the day.

So...unfortunately it looks like this product is in fact discontinued as of now. However, there's good news! This Sephora Collection Colorful Waterproof 24 Hr Eyeliner in Pool Party looks to be similar, though perhaps a bit more royal blue with the added bonus of being waterproof.

Do you own Fancy Blue or Pool Party? Or any other Sephora Collection liquid liner?

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